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          Success. Built in.

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          Ready. Set. Implement.

          Make onboarding easy with our knowledgeable Implementation Managers. Together we'll kick-start your company's success. With insider knowledge, Implementation Managers will expertly assist you in:

          • Navigating the onboarding process
          • Decreasing your time to value
          • Reducing your implementation timeline from months to weeks
          • Tracking and sharing key metrics to measure your company's success

          "With Procore, training is now a breeze—new users are instantly set up. In a few days, they're familiar with the software and can get up and running much faster than with our old ways."

          Al Mueller

          Customer Success

          Ensure team buy-in.

          We're not done until your team is up and running. All of them. We keep going when other companies stop. Because we know that helping every team member get comfortable with using a new system is the key to ensuring utilisation. Our Customer Success Managers will help drive teams toward your business goals.

          Procore Customer Success

          Side by side, we'll support your project management efforts with quick answers, tips, and tricks to seamless platform navigation.

          Procore Customer Success

          Team members have the expertise to answer any questions from your company about processes, tools, and best practices.

          Procore Customer Success

          You'll stay supported throughout the life of your business with Procore. Our support doesn't end!


          Gold Medal Chat-letes

          Racing to answer chats, emails, and phone calls, our teams take pride in providing as little wait time as possible and unrivalled support. When you contact a Procore Support Representative you'll have access to:

          • U.S.-based support from offices in Minnesota, Texas, and California
          • In-house employees who live our company brand values and care about the success of your teams and ours
          • Unlimited support at no additional cost—you are never working alone when you have Procore as your success partner

          "Procore has the best customer support of any software that I have ever used."

          Andrew Haas
          Haas Construction Management, LLC

          Success is at Your Fingertips

          Support SiteSupport Site

          Get unlimited access to Procore's premier knowledge base of "how-to" articles and detailed videos covering every aspect of Procore's tools.   Learn More

          Free Training WebinarsFree Training Webinars

          These live presentations by Implementation Managers provide in-depth training on a singular tool and allow you to submit questions in a small class setting.   Learn More

          Procore CertificationsProcore Certifications

          Procore's role-based training courses teach you how to successfully use Procore on any construction project. Upon completion of each course you will earn a 'Procore Certified' certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.   Learn More

          Impact SeriesImpact Series

          Procore offers hands-on, in-person training at our live event, Impact Series. Whether at our headquarters or in a city near you, these events are great opportunities for your new Procore users to receive tool-based training and network with other Procore users.   Learn More

          Onsite TrainingOnsite Training and Additional Services

          Customer Success Managers can come to your offices for in-person trainings. This interactive approach to training expedites the learning process for your team.   Learn More

          Innovation LabsInnovation Labs

          Through a collaborative process at Procore's headquarters, customers work closely with the Procore team to develop creative solutions to common problems faced in construction management.   Learn More

          Procore's JobsiteProcore's Jobsite

          The digital destination for construction industry news, education, and entertainment, built for construction professionals, by construction professionals. Learn More

          Continuing EducationContinuing Education

          Procore's CE courses are free, industry-relevant courses that cover the latest developments in construction technology, focus on health and safety, and teach you how to find and use of the best tools for the job. Learn More

          Monthly Recap of Product ReleasesMonthly Recap of Product Releases

          Each month, the Blueprint Team will email our latest product releases and updates, along with sprint recaps so you can see first-hand how the product keeps getting better and better.   Learn More

          Quarterly Business ReviewsBusiness Reviews

          Our Customer Success Team will reach out to your administrators to review your usage, adoption, and any bottlenecks we are seeing within your organisation.

          Real-Time InsightsReal Time Insights

          We will monitor your account using best-in-class customer success software and construction-specific metrics to ensure that things are going right, every day. If we see a problem, or think something is not going the way we planned we will actively reach out.