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          Featured Story

          Cook Brothers Construction Drives 10% Greater Efficiency

          Team leverages Procore’s user-friendly system to gain a competitive edge and boost business growth.

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          Examining Health and Safety in Australian Construction

          2019 Safety InSite WHS Report

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          Safety observations on a jobsite

          “Having Procore is the equivalent of having an extra person in the site office at all times.”

          Nick Morris

          L.T. McGuinness

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          “Procore provides software that is currently at the forefront of project management for the construction industry and displays a desire to continue to develop tools that improve how the industry manages projects.”

          Craig Young


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          “One of the things that stuck out most about Procore was its ease of use. It's not complicated at all.”

          Matt Bates

          McNab Construction

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          “At the click of a button, anyone on or off-site can know immediately what's going on within a project, or access essential resources.”

          Jemma Davey

          ATG Projects

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          “We know this is a partnership that will help us grow in the long run. We believe the more we utilise it, the more growth we’ll have.”

          Adam La Hood

          Cook Brothers Construction

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          “The user interface of the software is unlike anything we’ve experienced in construction.”

          Brian Mobbs


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          “Procore is very good for communicating with contractors, consultants, and clients involved in the project.”

          Paul Tavilla

          Edgecorp Constructions

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