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          Procore is for owners.

          Take control of your construction projects with visibility into every step of the process.

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          You own the portfolio. You should own the process.

          Get access to critical project information and equip your team with crucial insights and competitive efficiencies.

          Own Your Data

          Stay connected to the actionable insights you need to make smart management decisions —all while maintaining the highest standards of data security.

          Standardize Projects

          Align best practices and centralize workflows across each project. Learn from each build by identifying how optimizing consistent quality helps improve asset value.

          Mitigate Risk

          Our software helps protect yourself against surprise costs, schedule delays, and any potential disputes with real-time updates and unlimited access to historical information.

          “The return on investment math is simple—even a tiny fraction of savings on one bid would pay for the platform. Multiply that by a few hundred projects per year, portfolio-wide, and it’s clear that the decision to bring on this platform was an easy one.”

          Dan Kindbergh

          Brookfield Properties

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          “We used Procore extensively to help control documents and information—to manage the project from a distance. Procore allowed us to minimize site travel and yet remain informed on project progress.”

          Brian Schneider


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          Manage what matters.

          Gain control over the lifecycle of your project with actionable insights into project status and financials.

          • Access precisely what was built, from any device
          • Increase collaboration and accountability
          • Track cost updates and project statuses in real time
          • Understand the status of every contractor working in the field

          Enforce your standards.

          Establish scalable and centralized workflows across all your projects.

          • Collect the same information from vendors on every project
          • Report on budget and change order information
          • Manage a consistent closeout, inspection, and deficiency process
          • Maintain consistent document management hierarchies across all jobs

          What you need to know to cover your you know what.

          Protect yourself against surprise costs, schedule delays, and vendor disputes with purpose-built software for owners.

          • Verify approval workflows for any cost or change order
          • Update capital plans with real-time budget and project cost information
          • Minimize rework and speed up the closeout process
          • Capture the full audit trail and see who did what, when

          Explore our construction software.

          Take control of your construction projects when you equip your team with software built specifically for owners.

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          Learn More

          Different benefits for different owners.

          Take a look under our hood.

          See Procore in action when you book a personal walkthrough with one of our product experts.

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