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          Centralized Drawing Management

          Say goodbye to drawing set confusion.

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          Revisions won't need markers, scissors, sticky notes, or tape.

          Procore construction project management software provides a seamless process for drawing management. Users can quickly and easily view drawings and revisions from start to finish.

          Keep everyone on the current set:

          • Version comparison and overlay
          • Secure collaborator permissions
          • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
          • Real Time As-Builts®
          • Mobile and offline access
          • Link directly to RFIs, punch lists, submittals, and more

          Permission to Do More: Granted

          Any collaborator with drawing issuance permission can upload drawings. That means more power for those without admin privileges, and quicker access to design changes for those in the field.

          Avoid Rework with Comparisons

          Easily overlay and realign any 2 drawings to quickly see what's new and what's unchanged, and better protect general contractors and subcontractors from the risk of rework.

          Save Time with OCR Technology

          Drawings are automatically named, numbered, and their discipline is recorded using patent-pending Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Procore also scans your sets for detail callouts and links to them automatically.

          Access Drawings on Mobile Devices

          On the road or at the job site, Procore’s mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows give users constant access to project drawings. Mobile users are able to view and edit the current set of drawings even while offline. As soon as the device detects an available network connection, the revisions are automatically synced.

          Automatically Split Drawing Sets

          Rather than splitting drawing sets into individual sheets manually, Procore does the work automatically upon upload—saving you hours of work.

          Eliminate Version Confusion

          With dynamic drawings and automatic version tracking you can see who has accessed the most recent set of drawings to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

          Manage Drawings by Area

          Upload and manage drawings with similar numbering conventions by area. This helps users avoid confusion by separating their drawing sets during the upload process.

          Mark Up Drawings

          Annotate drawings and add notes from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Procore users can also link RFIs, documents, submittals, and photos, drop punch items, and share revisions automatically.

          “All discussions and versions are right there, and we're not tied to the office.”

          Brandon Lopez

          Rounds VanDuzer Architects