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          Actionable Meeting Minutes

          The devil's in the details, right?

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          Make the most of everyone's time with actionable meeting minutes software.

          Manage all aspects of your project meetings from agenda distribution to post-meeting approval of minutes.

          Keep everyone on the current set:

          • Create a digital record of project meetings
          • Distribute meeting agendas and minutes via email
          • Organize and track meeting details
          • Hold meetings from anywhere with your mobile device
          • Assign action items

          Stay Organized

          Create a new meeting or a follow-up meeting within Procore. Utilize Procore’s email tracking tool to forward meeting agendas and minutes to all team members. A record of all email activity and meeting details will automatically be kept within your meeting minutes tab.

          Track Meeting Details and Assign Action Items

          Track meeting dates, times, locations, topics, and attendees. Easily distribute minutes to meeting attendees via email and include assignees for issues, resolution due dates, cost codes, item priority, and resolution status. Ensure that issues don’t get overlooked by automatically pushing unaddressed items to the next meeting’s agenda.

          Create a Record of Your Meetings

          Keep an organized history of all of your project meetings. Every meeting item, along with its assigned responsibilities and due dates, are recorded and available for review by any project team member with appropriate permissions.

          “Nobody prints paper anymore—everyone's looking at Procore.”

          Grant Robbins

          Robbins | Reed

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