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          Project Photos

          Capture your questions, skills, and results in a snap.

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          Document every step of the construction process with project photos.

          Capture, store, and share your project photos in a secure online archive.

          • Take photos from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
          • Store and organize an unlimited amount of digital photos
          • Mark up your photos with details and comments

          Unlimited Storage

          Keep as many photos as desired within Procore's cloud-based construction project management platform. Procore doesn't charge you by the megabyte or gigabyte. All photos and project information is safe and backed up on multiple server hard drives.

          Easily Upload Photos

          Take a photo with your device and import it into Procore in seconds. Photos can be automatically shared with project team members and shared externally via email or smartphone.

          Control Who Sees What

          Easily make your digital photos available to all team members with the appropriate permission settings. Those without permission can't see the photos, while team members with the proper authority can upload, view, and download photos.

          Photo Linking

          Capture progress photos of your project from your mobile device and link them to project drawings by location. All photos sync to the Photos tab where you can quickly locate the picture you need via sorting and filters.

          “With Procore it's instant, right from the mobile app.”

          Dustin Burns


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