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          field productivity icon  Field Productivity

          Work better, faster.

          Set the right pace for your team with real-time labour productivity tools that eliminate your administrative burden, double entry, and complex spreadsheets.

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          Procore product screen

          “I’m able to save 6 different project managers 6 hours per week. I assure you that amount is way over the price I paid for Procore.”

          Brandon Lopez

          ABLe Communications

          “The use of Procore on the mobile app is fantastic. We get the most accurate information from our field guys and reduce the need to bother them for crew time.”

          Yoslaine Muchulli

          Bengoa Construction


          Stay on track.

          Monitor progress in real time, identify at-risk scopes of work, and act fast to make decisions that positively impact project schedules, budgets, and profitability.


          Free up time.

          With faster and easier time collection you can view labour and production rates in real time, from anywhere, and confirm timecards are accurate the first time.


          Win more work.

          Submit competitive tenders on future jobs with accurate estimates based on easily-accessible, historical productivity rates by cost code.

          Real-time labour productivity tools

          Make your site teams more productive with easy-to-use tools that connect your office and site teams in real time.

          One platform for everything.

          Procore connects all your people, software, and data on one platform—so everyone on your project has access to everything they need. The platform gives you the freedom to connect with hundreds of integrations in the Procore App Marketplace. So even if we don’t build it, you can connect.


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          Work better, faster.

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