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          Plataforma de Procore

          Construcción sin complicaciones al alcance de la mano

          Vinculamos a todo tu equipo, tus aplicaciones y tus dispositivos en un mismo lugar. La solución integral de Procore trae eficiencia en cada fase del proceso de construcción.

          Más información

          Your business needs complete connectivity.

          Gone are the days of double entry, siloed solutions, applications that can't talk to each other, or software investments that can't grow with your business. Our platform connects your crucial business applications and stores all the information in one place, allowing your applications to talk, so you can view your important data and standardize your operations.

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          Data you can count on.

          Gain insight into your business and make informed decisions, with centralized and standardized Procore data aggregation. Using Procore’s flexible and digestible data visualizations and easy-to-create reporting, you can see leading and lagging indicators, determine key business trends, and make more accurate projections.

          Worry-free security allows you to do what you do best...build.

          Manage, store, access, and share information from one central data source that's guarded by Procore's gold standard security protocols. With AES-256-bit encryption, continuous data backups, granular permission levels, and automatic user tracking, your information is kept out of harm's way.

          Platform Tools

          You'll find these tools across all Procore products:

          • Directory

            Everyone's digits, under the control of yours.

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          • Documents

            When documents go digital, nothing gets lost.

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          • Insights

            Insights to help you analyze every detail.

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