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          "Procore is awesome! We have cut down time of approvals for submittals and answers for RFIs incredibly."

          Christian Coletti
          Putnam Bridge

          Lundgren Management

          "Procore's support staff is number one in my opinion! They've always provided me with a solution to 'user error'."

          Norman Raymundo
          Lundgren Management

          "Procore is a great tool!"

          Rick Lineberry
          Owen Ames Kimball

          CF Evans

          "Procore helps streamline our communication and allows us to provide a one-stop-shop for our team."

          Ryan Igo
          CF Evans

          "Procore is the documentation hub of this project."

          Jay Rodriguez
          Consigli Construction Company

          Aqua on the Levee

          "Procore has been an instrumental tool for the success of the project. The user friendliness and simplicity of the software has attracted the participation of all parties."

          Jacob Toebben
          Aqua on the Levee

          "We rely on Procore to execute our projects efficiently. We never could have made the demanding schedule or dealt with constant changes without Procore!"

          Alan Creech
          Energy Architecture

          Edificar Panama

          "Procore makes the job easier for the team—in the field and in the office."

          Mauricio De Stefani
          Edificar Panama

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